Its main material is very different such as Glass Fiber, PE coated cloth and tearable cloth, has high mechanical strength, can be used in internal and external applications that can generally work in high and very high temperature class, it is waterproof, can be used as a repair tape, etc. are the bands that are divided into various. Different main materials and different adhesives are essential in determining the product according to the need. Cloth tapes earn their definition of high mechanical strength from the use of industrial fabrics. This increases the tensile strength of the product and increases the adaptability of the product to the surface during application. Other common benefits of using cloth / fabric as a carrier include heat resistance, insulation, abrasion resistance, and breathability. Similar to other types of tape, the use of cloth tape is largely determined by its compatibility with the surface to be adhered, and most importantly by the capabilities of the adhesive. Some cloth tapes may be double-sided adhesive.