It is a polyethylene foam material used in the production of chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam (XLPE), which is expanded with the help of chemical blowing and cross-linkers. Although it has high physical and mechanical properties thanks to its chemical cross-linked structure, its cell structure is larger and its surface is rougher than physical cross-linked PE. XLPE, which has many areas of use for sound, heat, moisture insulation and impact protection, can be produced in different colors or with flame retardant feature, as cut plate for different sectors, adhesive or non-adhesive roll, pipe, extra laminated or non-laminated. It collects itself after pressure, does not collapse. It has a closed cell structure, is resistant to water and moisture, and is not affected by chemicals and outdoor conditions. Provides sound and heat insulation. It is environmentally friendly, does not contain HCFC and harmful / banned chemicals. It complies with ROHS standards, does not contain fungi and bacteria, it is odorless and has a completely sterile internal contruction. Despite its elasticity and lightness, it has superior physical and mechanical properties. It is preferred in aesthetic applications thanks to its smooth surface appearance. In case of need, it can be thermoformed (thermoforming).
PE Foams-Chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam (IXPE)