It is a type of tape whose main carrier is LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), PET (Polyester), PU (Polyurethane), in which different adhesives such as acrylic and natural rubber are used. It can be used to protect surfaces temporarily on painted or unpainted metal, ABS, plastic surfaces, aluminum, glass, stainless steel, sandblasted surfaces, and also on rough surfaces such as carpet, depending on its UV resistance, different thicknesses, carrier and adhesive. are tapes. Greenhouse repair tape is a LDPE-based tape that is resistant to variable temperatures, moisture, wind and abrasion. Greenhouse films can be added with greenhouse repair tape, used to seal seams in films, act as a weather seal for doors and windows, and temporarily hold plastic for more extensive repair work. Many special tapes such as greenhouse repair tape can be named according to the place of use. Freezer tape, carpet tape, plastic profile tape are examples of these.