EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a type of rubber. This synthetic rubber is often used in applications requiring heat, ozone and weathering resistance or higher performance physical properties. EPDM foams can be found in two different cell structures. As Eliz, we supply the form that has a closed cell structure. Whether in the form of a closed cell or semi-closed cell, EPDM is widely used in new and existing applications in order to meet high standards in the automotive, white goods and construction sectors. EPDM is not easily deformed and has an elastic structure. Although their heat resistance is high, their thermal conductivity coefficient is low. They have less deformation under pressure, they are successful in maintaining their form. They can be used easily in all kinds of sealing applications. There are types that are resistant to aging, corrosion, oils and chemicals. With its different hardness and different densities, it is the most widely used and known foam group, especially used for sealing purposes. EPDM is the most preferred product in the rubber family. EPDM is a product that is resistant to rupture and resistant to most acids, alkalis and many oxidized chemical types. EPDM, which has many uses for sound, heat, moisture insulation and impact protection, can be produced as a cut plate, adhesive or non-adhesive roll for different sectors.
EPDM Foams