Double-sided foam tapes have adhesive on both surfaces, the main material is usually physical cross-linked PE, but EVA, etc. It is an adhesive tape with a film or paper as a release material (protective) on one surface, where foams are also used. It is the ideal type of tape for joining, fixing and assembly operations on plastic, glass, metal, wood materials. It has an almost infinite number of applications due to its high load carrying capacity. Polyethylene foam is ideal for indoor applications requiring shock absorption, insulation, bracing, vibration and sound dampening, as well as in the packaging, aerospace, automotive, furniture, construction and appliance industries. A wide range of products has been reached by using different foam types and densities and different adhesives. It has different operating temperatures, different thicknesses and widths, different adhesive strengths, and it is divided into many types according to whether it is suitable for indoor-outdoor environments. In such a wide range of products, application details are guiding in determining the right product.