EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is a flexible type of foam consisting of copolymers. It is a recyclable, extremely healthy, non-bacterial product used in many industries. With its flexible structure, it offers important solutions in many different sectors. Thanks to its economy, density and hardness of the foam, it is used extensively in many different sectors. Especially in the automotive sub-industry and metal industries, the logistics of the products produced in all production areas and the need for protection that will arise in all kinds of movements are provided by eva separators with derivatives according to the structure and sensitivity of the products. EVA foam, which is extremely resistant to impacts, can be produced in accordance with a wide temperature range, thus gaining thermal insulation property in larger areas. EVA, which does not contain harmful chemicals, is not harmful to the environment and is environmentally friendly, also gives successful results in areas that require sound insulation. It is easy to assemble, apply and transport. Since the deformation process is a long, durable, long-term and useful product, it is used in the logistics of metal and heavy products. It can be produced in hardnesses between 20-50 Shores, with a rough-smooth surface, in different colors, thicknesses and sizes, as a sheet, as a roll with or without adhesive.
Eva Foams