Choosing the Right Auto Masking Tape
Choosing the Right Auto Masking Tape 18.2.2021
One of the best ways to choose Auto masking tape is by studying the technical characteristics of the tape, evaluating it correctly and understanding exactly what it stands for. We believe that this article will help lead.
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Types of bands
Types of bands 30.3.2021
Paper Tapes These are tapes made using crepe and plain paper with different elongation and tensile strength .  They are often used as masking tapes. Generally, using latex, papers with improved chemical and physical characteristics are preferred. Double-sided types are available.
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Determining the correct adhesive tape
Determining the correct adhesive tape 30.3.2021
Although it is possible to combine surfaces of different properties by using adhesive tape , the correct use of the product determines the performance.  Considering the surface properties, the band type should be decided.
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Adhesive type and adhesive relationship in tapes
Adhesive type and adhesive relationship in tapes 23.3.2021
Hot-melt (synthetic rubber): in products with this kind of adhesive technology, the initial stickiness is high, it has no effect on the overall stickiness of the tape. Natural Rubber (Natural Rubber): Products with this type of adhesive technology should wait for a period (at least 2 hours ) to compare performance according to the type of hot melt. As time goes on, the adhesive will take effect.
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Cold weather and adhesive tape performance relationship
Cold weather and adhesive tape performance relationship 23.3.2021
Why does cold weather negatively affect the performance of adhesive tape? Potentially cold weather is a weather condition that defies even bands of the highest characteristic. If the adhesive tape you use does not stick well in cold weather or becomes dry, brittle or does not stick at all, it can create a frustrating waste of time and money and a compromised project.
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Adhesive types
Adhesive types 30.3.2021
Synthetic Rubber / Hot Melt Adhesive Synthetic Rubber adhesive is produced by fusing synthetic resin and thermoplastic rubbers under special thermal conditions. This adhesive group, which does not use solvents for its production, shows good adhesion up to 50 ° C - 60 ° C.
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Surface preparation
Surface preparation 30.3.2021
Why is it important and how to do it As it is known, surfaces are very critical for adhesion performance. The condition of the surface can be improved by preparing the surface, increasing the performance. According to the Adhesive products preparation and repair regulation issued by the US Department of Transportation and the National Aviation Authority:
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Surfaces to be adhered should be clean and dry, and then the adhesive tape should be applied tightly. The pressure and force to be applied to the belt is very important and is one of the most important factors in performance and determines the retention. For a typical tape, it needs to be pressed with a force of at least 1 Kg / cm2.
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Result 30.3.2021
Find the right tape with Eliz support! Eliz has focused on adhesive tape products for many years. Eliz will assist you in determining the right product for your application with its professionally trained and technically equipped team.
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Storage 30.3.2021
Recommended storage should be carried out in the range of 15 ° C - 25 ° C with a relative humidity of 65. If the storage temperature is below 10 ° C, the adhesive tape should always be kept at ambient temperature before use. The adhesive tape should be stored in its original packaging, away from heat sources and not exposed to direct light.
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