Double Sided Tapes are tapes that are coated with adhesive on both sides and designed to stick the two surfaces together in a way that is usually invisible in the final product. Double-sided tape, paper, cloth, polyester, PP derivatives, etc. It is created by applying a thin adhesive to both sides of a carrier. If necessary, different adhesive can be used on both surfaces. A preservative is naturally available. The fact that the tape is between the two layers to be adhered provides a cleaner look and a modern designed product. Due to the use of different thickness and bonding properties, many bonding applications are carried out with double-sided adhesive tapes. Applications are used for lamination applications, splicing and joining, assembly purposes, sealing and sound insulation in almost all sectors such as automotive, white goods, furniture, metal, packaging, paper industries. When there is no carrier and double sided tape is just adhesive, it is called transfer tape. The transfer tape can also be polyester mesh reinforced. This web ensures that the surface to which the tape is attached does not stretch. Double-sided tapes are compatible with many surfaces. These include products such as ceramic and glass, concrete, composite materials, foam, porous surfaces, leather, metal, paper and cardboard, plastic, rubber and elastomeric materials, textiles and fabrics and wood.