Masking tape is a common type of tape used for various masking applications. Masking tape is available in a variety of different types, including multiple thicknesses, widths and colors to suit a wide variety of uses and applications. However, it is primarily used when painting to create straight lines and protect areas that should not be painted. They are also used for protection, stenciling, packaging, and bundling. Masking Tapes are tapes designed with base materials and adhesives that vary depending on temperature and other application requirements. Usually the main material is crepe paper. • General Purpose Masking Tape, General purpose masking tape is used in masking applications that do not require heat or require low heat, light product bundling, fixing and marking materials. It consists of a general purpose masking tape, a crepe paper carrier and a natural rubber-based adhesive. The thickness and strength of the paper can vary, and the adhesive may have different properties. Therefore, there are many types and grades of "general purpose" masking tape. • High Temperature Masking Tape Masking tape is widely used in painting applications where heat is needed. High temperature masking tapes provide excellent adhesion to surfaces during paint application with oven drying requirements up to 120 degrees and can be removed without any problems. Some paint applications require such high temperature resistance that the carrier of the masking tape may actually be "polyimid" film, not paper. • Low Temperature Masking Tape The lower temperature masking tapes are crepe paper on the back and are used for masking applications in the shipping industry and for protection against spray painting. These masking tape products are well suited to uneven surfaces; the adhesive is removed cleanly; and they provide straight paint lines by preventing blurring or bleeding. • High Performance Masking Tape High performance masking tapes have technically designed adhesives and may have backings designed for outdoor use. Some masking tapes have a polyethylene backing with an ultraviolet inhibitor, meaning it is resistant to UV rays. Apart from these, there are many special masking tapes such as thermal spray masking, fine line masking tape, solder masking tape on electronic surfaces, sandblasting masking tape.