Technical foams that are used in many sectors such as automotive, white goods, heating, cooling, ventilation, construction and many needs such as sound, heat, water insulation and sealing can be supplied in all forms. XLPE (Chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam), IXPE (Physical cross-linked polyethylene foam), EPDM, Rubber foam, EVA etc. The materials can be prepared in the form of adhesive or non-adhesive rolls, that is, as an insulating tape, as a sheet, in the form of specially cut parts and gaskets. Depending on the project and requirement, different flammability classes, different colors and different densities can be worked on. If it is presented in the form of insulation tape or adhesive sheet / gasket, it can be produced by combining it with different adhesives according to the needs. With different widths, different thicknesses, different chemical properties, different cell structures, different adhesives, such products meet many needs. The properties of the tape are decisive in applications such as sound insulation, air insulation, thermal insulation, moisture insulation, and impermeability. Resistant to chemicals and alkalis, non-flammable, non-flammable, etc. many products can be found.