Adhesive tape is a product that is produced by combining a backing and adhesive, used to fix or join objects together instead of mechanical fasteners such as various fasteners, screws or welding. The application of adhesive tapes instead of mechanical fasteners allows you to use production processes in low temperature applications and in a way that can be simplified. In addition, it can save your surface area as you don't need to damage the surface using adhesive tapes, fasteners or screws. Adhesive tapes are ideal solutions for automated product production, while liquid adhesives are more time consuming, messier, more complex and messy as they need to be sprayed or applied to the surface before bonding takes place. Adhesive tapes consist of a base material called a carrier (paper, plastic film, cloth, foam, foil, etc.) and is covered with film or paper as an adhesive and a protective (release material) as required. Each tape and its composition is unique in its carrier and adhesive, and should be selected for specific applications for a wide variety of bonding solutions.