Types of bands

Paper Tapes

These are tapes made using crepe and plain paper with different elongation and tensile strength .  They are often used as masking tapes. Generally, using latex, papers with improved chemical and physical characteristics are preferred. Double-sided types are available.

PVC tapes: 

Based on Polyvinyl (PVC), resistant to moisture and UV rays. Can be printed on, available in different colors and specifications. It can be found in versions with electrical properties, as well as in double-sided adhesive.

PP bands

Polypropylene (PP ): PP, OPP, MOPP, Bopp versions are available. It's resistant to moisture. Different versions show different features. Double-sided types are available.

PE thongs

Th th polyethylene (PE ) : pe, LDPE, HDPE versions are available. I'm moisture-proof. Flexible and easy to use. Double-sided types are available.

Transfer Bands

It is a non-carrier, only adhesive tape. Network reinforced types are available. They are usually used in lamination, adding paper.

Apart from these tapes, various kinds of tapes are available, such as aluminum tapes, copper tapes, polyester tapes, cloth tapes, EVA tapes, rubber foam tapes, PTFE tapes with different specifications.